My Thoughts on our New Speaker

I was having my lunch yesterday and Tucker Carlson was having some discussion about why it was so important that Nancy Pillosi (sp?) was a woman and becoming speaker of the house. I would have to agree with Mr. Tucker (and I wish he’d stayed on Dancing with the Stars longer, it would’ve made for a funner show).
I would be SUPER excited if an actual mother was Speaker of the House. However, the fullness of my mommy self can NOT imagine Nancy Pillosi being the mom that I regard as a “mother.” One who wipes tears, one who gets down and builds battleships with the legos, one who makes songs about Pop Tart Friday, one who helps out in their kid’s class (with the gross stuff, not just the fieldtrips). Maybe she was, but I kind of doubt it. Considering how long her career has been in the house, I am guessing there were motherhood moments she had to miss being in DC.
Nancy Pillosi also does not hold the values dear that most mothers of America find so important. She’s pro-abortion (and I chose to call pro-choicers pro-abortion, I think the “choice” part is just semantics), she’s pro-gay-marraige (which most of America is not).
Anyway, I await a day where a real woman becomes Speaker of the House. Then, I will applaud, I will scream, I will believe that the women of the world have taken a great step, but until then I’ll realize that the real work of the world goes on in my house, and my friends home each and every day as they strive to build good little minds that will be come good people (who, hopefully, will not vote for said Pillosi).

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    Sigh. I totally agree. Nancy just plain does not represent the majority of women in this country. (And neither does Hillary for that matter. Clinton…not you. :))

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    I agree with your thoughts exactly, I don’ think she is tooo worried about representing the real women of the world, I believe she has a hidden agenda along with her other democratic party.

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