Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm officially in July (scrapbook-page-wise)

No, Kristen's shoulder isn't visibly deformed, I got these vacation photos done at scrapbook pictures, and many of them have lines in them. They aren't that helpful with their customer service, so buyer beware.
Annoying. I'll let you know if anything comes of it. The top ones are computer-generated ones I did earlier this year. I just had a lot of pictures to get on a few pages, so I used my computer to help me out. Sadly, Scrapbook Pictures did an equally awful job messing THEM up too (these are the files, not the actual thing they printed for me).
BTW, sometimes these are coming-up really big for me. I've found-out that if you click on the photo and drag your cursor down to the little bar that usually says "done" you can see it in its entirety on your screen. Does that make sense?
Oh, and big scrapbook news. I belonged to the Simply Cardstock club for a while. I LOVED it (but then I stopped scrapbooking in the fall so I could sew som freakin' awesome costumes). ANYWAY, they're offering a 3 month subscription for the 6 months price (I think that's a buck or 2 cheaper). OR, if you buy the 6 month thing, you can get a free past kit). I t hought it was a sweet deal. I signed-up for another 3 months and hopefully it will spur me on to scrapbook more and more and more and... well, you get the point. Their customer service is AMAZING, if there's a color you don't like, you can switch it out (aka, me and all purple) or if you're going on vacation or just aren't into the kit, you can skip it for the month. Rene is always on top of her emails and gets right back to me. Very nice.

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  1. Such a great pages and pictures! I LOVE the pictures on the SLC temple page.

    And did we know that we were married within four days of each other in the same temple? (and our birthdays are by each other too)

    And I went through the temple for the first time (SLC) on August 15th (insert twightlight zone music)... we could have even been there at the same time. Shut up! :)


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