Saturday, January 13, 2007

The other blog entry about homework

Conner has had a REALLY hard time buckling down and doing homework this week. I pretty-much gave him Christmas break off (and, frankly -- in turn I had some time-off of pressuring him) and getting back to the grind was apparently more then I could handle. He was spending over 1.5 hours whining about how hard it was and basically making me want do it myself all week long.
So, on Thursday I made new rules. He will get 20 minutes to do his homework every day (and then another 20 to do reading) and whatever he doesn't get done, will be punished at school (Ms. Dodson makes people lose recess if their homework isn't done). He will come-home, put his stuff away, we'll have our post-school small talk (aka, "how was school" "good") and then it's homework. I feel bad for him when he spends FOREVER doing homework and then he doesn't have time to play.
Do any of you have homework routines that work for you? I am not a lover of after school snacks (we tend to eat pretty early anyway -- if we're eating later, I ususally do a snack)... but that might be a nice "reward." I dunno. We'll have to see if this new plan works.
BTW, starting Drew's birthday celebrations early, and I wanted to freak everyone out when they came to my blog and that came-on.
I'm fun like that.
Oh, and Keri -- I expect you're singing every word with this song. CONGRATS!!!!


  1. Well I don't really have this problem as Sydni loves homework. She get's her homework on Monday for the whole week and she does it in one shot. But I am all about natural consequences. I suggest Sydni do whatever it is and I reminder her of the consequence and usually she then chooses to do it. So I think your right let him get a consequence at school just once and I'll bet he's back on track.

  2. The only experience I have with homework is writing grad school papers, so I dont have much advice, but I think your plan is wonderfully grreat and hope it works.

  3. haha thanks. I'll be sure to work on that

  4. I really think that is the best way to deal with the issue. Also saves you a lot of headache and fight trying to get him to do it.

    My only problem with B and homework is that she won't listen to me about HOW to do it sometimes and does it wrong and doesn't like to hear that she has to fix it. Generally she does her whole packet in one swoop, too.

    And I was singing every word to this song and still am, a day later. Drat you.


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