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Spencer is almost three (sigh) and while I am not going to do preschool with him until he is four (unless some of my peeps want to do some joyschool) I know that he needs some more interaction during the day, and most likely interaction that I don’t have the will to provide.
Here steps in www.achildswork.com .
I used them 2 summers ago, when Conner was done with joyschool and just starting into the whole preschool thing in the fall. I think it really helped with his eye-hand coordination as well as just his fine motor skills.
Anyway, they’ll send you a craft kit every month (with your kid’s name on it — you can imagine the squeals that will erupt from Spencer when he gets his own mail), and in that they get 4 crafts. So, I did one a week with him to supplement the workbook work that we already do.
Right now they’re running a special so that it’s only 6 bucks/month (shipped to you) for the 4 craft kits. You do have to pay for the year in full, but that’s a year of fun!
Lastly, they have AMAZING customer service. I have had MANY questions about if I could get some holiday themed kits and some other variety as well. She’s been great and willing to work with me for SURE. I am also hoping to get a couple of kits for Conner during the summer since he loved them so much last time. They do send-out age specific kits, so it’ll be great for them to each have something at their own level to work-on.
Anyway, just something to get you through these cold winter months. Email me if you have questions, or email them at [email protected] . I am pretty sure no one will have any more questions then I already had. :) Just learned she has another site where she’ll make an ADORABLE brag book for you parents out there. I think they’d make a great church item (I have little ones for my boys and they LOVE to stare at themselves during church). That site’s address is
http://www.paperbagbooks.com .

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  1. Judy Ianelli says

    Wow, very cool concept. This is exactly what I have been looking for my daughter. I will be sure to buy a few subscriptions soon for Valentines day. Thanks Hilary for the great find.