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Just watched Suviving Motherhood for today.
It was on eating.
Now, I am a super strict parent… as I’m sure my kid would tell you.
We eat 3 meals a day, they get a snack if we’re going to eat dinner especially late one night but that’s it.
My kids get what we’re having for that meal, and we’re done.
My kids are also super skinny, and I have no clue what they’d look like if I gave in more, but that’s just how it is at our house.
BUT, I see these moms on the show, and I have decided that I need to get with my friends, set-up my video camera and discuss my problem so that I can then see how some of my viewpoints make no sense and then I can move-on.
Anyway, it turns out that almost every single mom on that show promoted grazing in their own children. One mom said she just sets food up on a child-sized table and has it out all day for her child. Am I in the minority? BTW, the pediatrician on the show did NOT promote grazing. She didn’t seem anti-snack (and I don’t think snacks are bad, it’s just now how I work) but she said no grazing, which made me feel happy.
Interesting show….
BTW, just an update on our shots. Conner did A-mazing. Drew and I had decided we’d go out to dinner and make a HUGE deal of it if he didn’t cry. We weren’t going to make a big deal to him though. I did say that it was his second Hepatatis A shot, so it wouldn’t hurt as much this time. Anyway, he did it, not a tear, a bit of normal apprehension while walking in… but man, my little dude is totally growing up. I couldn’t have been prouder. Spencer, of course, had age-appropriate tears but they were done before we left the room and he had a Batman sticker (thank goodness for whoever made-up stickers).
My proud mommy moment came as we were walking into Sweet Tomatoes though,
Conner: “Mom I know why I didn’t cry, I said a prayer that I wouldn’t cry and it didn’t, my prayer was answered.”
It’s all worth moments like that.

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  1. says

    My kids get breakfast.
    After school snack.

    Except lately Chloe keeps telling me she’s hungry all day long. And I do give in when I can see that she really is eating everything out of hunger, not boredom. She has practically eaten me out of house and home this week, but I imagine she’s growing. I expect to have to buy her a new wardrobe in the next month or so. :)

  2. says

    Oh, and I was remembering how when I was a teenager I was the after school babysitter for a family. The mom always set out an after school snack and they were not allowed to play until they ate it.

    Now, if it was carrots or an apple or even some crackers that would be one thing…but it was usually twinkies, ding dongs and cookies.

    And they always complained about having to eat it.

    Just plain weird if you ask me.

  3. says

    Yo – I have to agree with everyone else on this one. If my kid were underweight I wouldn’t be skimping on the food – they need it!

    Also, I think it’s ok for kids to cry when they get hurt or feel bad (or get a shot) and I would be wary of teaching young boys that crying is bad (because what you’re really teaching them is that it’s not ok to have and show emotions) – but that’s just me :)

    love ya!

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