A Tribute to Lara

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I just wanted to say how much I love my friend Lara.
She inspires me in this whole weight loss thing more then you’ll ever know.
Now, my Utah friends will know how truly inspiring this is. She went up to Provo over the weekend and went to Magelby’s and she didn’t HAVE THEIR ROLLS. OMG, she’s on this diet where you can’t eat white flour and sugars and cheese and I’m just so amazed at her to have the willpower to do that. Magelby’s rolls are pretty-much the only reason a person would go to Magelby’s that I am aware of. They are a devine combination of a roll, butter and parmesan cheese {happy sigh just thinking of them}. She loves all of those things as much as I do and she has just stopped. She even took the cheeese off her salad and fed her husband. This, my friends, is true dedication.
Anyway, her will to do that made it so I could get through my Yoga routine this AM (courtesy of her mother).
Lara and I met online and we “talk” (aka, IM) almost every day. I missed her all weekend. Sigh. It’s so nice to have a girlfriend that thinks like you do. If only she lived closer.
Ok, and on a sidenote — exactly how long am I going to have to do Yoga before I don’t think I’m gonna fall on my buns every time I do it? I just feel so unsteady and so unlady like. I feel like I’m having to break my pose fairly often and the transitions aren’t smooth at all.
Maybe someday… {sigh}
Anyway, Lara WAY TO GO!!! You inspire me in so ways, and food is only one of them.
Would you please move to CA…?

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    Hey Hillary: Yoga exposes all weaknesses at one time. Fun huh! BUT, I promise if you stay with it, you will see strength, balance, coordination, etc etc grow. You will feel really good about yourself, but the biggest thing thing is you will learn to accept where you are right now and it won’t eat at you. It is the coolest thing to accept “what is” for right now. Then one day you will have an epiphany that YOU have improved!! It is awesome. Stay with it, sister. As my dd says. You’re awesome. Deni

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