Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Very Superstitious....

First off, a note about my current appearance. My right eye has been a little puffy and the residents last night (and honestly, why am I taking a resident's advice, I'm not totally sure) said it might be a clogged tear duct. SO, I'm wiping my eyes every few hours with a hot washcloth, hoping to eliminate my puffiness. However, that means no eye makeup or contacts, at least for a while. So, if I looke like someone's beat me and made me stay up at night, it's not -- just the puffy eye syndrome.
BACK to the blog entry du jour.
Sometimes you hear of the NFL football players being supserstitious or something of the like. And I would just like to say that they don't hold a candle to labor and delivery nurses (I am guessing that ER nurses have a similar mantra, but I haven't worked there and I to spread rumors). We have things like you can't erase the last patient from the board, you can't say that it's quiet on the unit or in literally seconds we'll have a lady who's actually exploded her baby out of her abdomen. I'm talking real emergencies will happen, so we tend to keep our mouths shut. However, I have a new little supersition of my own. For a while I truly thought that if I put my hair in a clip before the shift my patient wouldn't end-up with a C-section and now I've decided that if I have shoe covers on I won't have problem patients.
It held true for last night. Only a few patients, the unit was quiet (which I can say now that I'm safely home) and all was well.
So, shoe covers, and no makeup, and that's the theme for today.
Happy Wednesday my friends.


  1. Well, you just keep on wearing those shoe covers then.

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again: you have perfect skin. Seriously, you are definitely someone who can go without makeup.

    Hope your eye get's better soon!

  3. I'm likin' your new look...the blog, I mean. I agree with have perfect skin!


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