Very Superstitious….

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First off, a note about my current appearance. My right eye has been a little puffy and the residents last night (and honestly, why am I taking a resident’s advice, I’m not totally sure) said it might be a clogged tear duct. SO, I’m wiping my eyes every few hours with a hot washcloth, hoping to eliminate my puffiness. However, that means no eye makeup or contacts, at least for a while. So, if I looke like someone’s beat me and made me stay up at night, it’s not — just the puffy eye syndrome.
BACK to the blog entry du jour.
Sometimes you hear of the NFL football players being supserstitious or something of the like. And I would just like to say that they don’t hold a candle to labor and delivery nurses (I am guessing that ER nurses have a similar mantra, but I haven’t worked there and I to spread rumors). We have things like you can’t erase the last patient from the board, you can’t say that it’s quiet on the unit or in literally seconds we’ll have a lady who’s actually exploded her baby out of her abdomen. I’m talking real emergencies will happen, so we tend to keep our mouths shut. However, I have a new little supersition of my own. For a while I truly thought that if I put my hair in a clip before the shift my patient wouldn’t end-up with a C-section and now I’ve decided that if I have shoe covers on I won’t have problem patients.
It held true for last night. Only a few patients, the unit was quiet (which I can say now that I’m safely home) and all was well.
So, shoe covers, and no makeup, and that’s the theme for today.
Happy Wednesday my friends.

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    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you have perfect skin. Seriously, you are definitely someone who can go without makeup.

    Hope your eye get’s better soon!

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