Friday, January 26, 2007

You Just don't See Many Old People Anymore

My friend Miranda said this today at lunch. Just caught me as funny....
We went to eat at the Country Inn Cafe (the one next to Mervyn's). It was pretty dang yummy. Sandwiches were average, but my friend Janna was right -- they have ROCKIN' good fries! Next time I'm gonna get a salad and fries. :) And I'm not sharing with S.
Anyway, we walk into the restaurant and every single booth is in the geriatric crowd. I'm not talkin' the over 60 age.... I'm talking 70's... many even older. Miranda and I just looked at each other but decided to go anyway.
So, we sit down and I look around and I say outloud that you just don't see many old people around here. You see them, but not often -- not in stores, not so many at church... they probably just don't hang around.
I mean, it makes sense. The cost of living here is so outrageous that I'm sure they sell their homes that they've had all their lives, make a bundle and go live somewhere cheaper near their grandkids....
but it does make me sad... I mean, I think all ages have so much to learn from those who have a few years on us. I appreciate the older women that I have visit taught and how great they are for my kids. And there, Miranda -- I have written a blog entry about our inane lunch comments.
P.S. Seriously, get the fries there -- INSANELY good (but bring a 2 year old to split them with... it's better for your waistline).


  1. Miranda1:38 AM

    Such good times with the yummy fries and the funny conversation. :)

  2. I've been there several times, and each time we were surrounded by the older generation - I think it is their hang out place. The main chef guy is also over 60.

    I've never had their fries, I have always ordered the crepes (which are delicious!). Next time I go I will order the fries on your recommendation. This place tends to be a little pricey, but the food has always been good.


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