5 Random Things

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First off, HAPPY FEBRURARY!!! Check out the new blog-ness. I think it screams love.
It could also scream gore… :) I’m fine with either interpretation. :)

So, my friend Mary Ruth tagged me to do a 5 random things blog entry. Honestly, I’m fairly sure that all my randomness has already been expressed in my years of blogging, but possibly not.
1. I am obsessed with a green lawn. I want to make sure each blade of grass gets the same amount of water. Thank goodness for winter or I’d be a mess.
2. I switch my kids toys every few weeks, provides a lot of sanity although it’s a HUGE pain.
3. I balance my checkbook every Saturday (or Friday)… and I love to check my bank statements online (take note you identity predators out there!).
4. I like to freak-out on my kids about getting to school. I am such a sucker for being on time, even when I try to be late (because I know the other person will be) I still get there basically on time. It’s ingrained. Thanks mom. :)
5. Naps are pretty-much my favorite thing ever.

Random enough for you Mary Ruth?
And speaking of random things, many people have wondered WHAT was going on with the blog header pictures. The first one is C holding-up a cast iron pan with hematite rocks attached to it. It’s for his science project. The second one is S at the local aquarium standing on their water membrane. We were learning to ride the waves like the fishes. Both were experiements and it seems like we’re doing a lot of learning around here lately, which is always nice.

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    I’m completely for punctuality – not that I’ve been perfect at it since I married and had kids. But I really believe it’s so important. And yep, naps are my favorite thing EVER too!

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