Monday, February 26, 2007

Awards Season Again

You know, I've heard that Julia Roberts has said that Motherhood is the best thing ever -- better then winning an Oscar.
Do you really think so?
Again, I was fantasizing how great it would be to be loved by the public, get awards, dress-up all fancy, have a personal trainer -- you know, the whole nine yards! I do get a lot of joy from my kids, don't get me wrong. I also get a fair amount of satisfaction from my paid profession. I do believe I make a difference in people's lives and all that jazz -- but honestly, how great would it be to get an award for stuff. I mean, we all know as SAHM's we rarely even get thank you's (and can you even imagine how rich we'd be if I got tips at work? I mean, I'd feel a fair amount of obligation to give a couple hundered bucks to someone I pooped on).
  • You helped your preschooler learn to read -- here's a nice shiney statue, and thousands of people on their feet clapping for you.
  • You made it through a day with a sick 3 year old -- I'd like to give you jewels for free of charge to wear around for a day, and perhaps a designer dress fit to your every proportion.
  • You saved a baby, it pooped all over you, and then the mom vomited on you. -- Feel free to stand-up on TV and tell us how great it was to get out of the Mormon ghetto. :)
I know that what I'm doing is important, but I also bet that moms just need a little encouragement.
So, perhaps as I visit blogs in the next week I'll be handing out little awards. :) As women complain about their life not going to the specs they previously had planned, I'm sure I can find a little glimmer of sunshine to enhance. :) Go mom's, go women -- you rock. Keep up the good work. Perhaps for your next "show" you'll get MILLIONS!!!!!


  1. You're so funny! ....that was a great post! If only....

  2. Im still waiting so some kind of award..... but what would I wear??

    you are too funny!

  3. I think I would hate to get an Oscar. Unless I'm singing, I can't stand having to do anything in front of a ton of people. No thanks!

    But, I'll be looking for my Hilary award this week. :)

  4. Really cute blog today! Thanks!


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