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Alright, we are finally on the 2nd article of faith, and I decided it’s high time that our family had a motto and some rules. So, I’m gonna put these out there for some careful consideration from my blog readers. Last Monday we made-up these rules, this coming Monday I want to talk about some consequences and the folowing Monday we’re gonna make a big poster with it all on it. I woud like suggestions as to if the rules are no good, and possible consequences. I am a big fan of the consequence fitting the infraction so if people have ideas on those, that’d be great too!

Motto: To have a happy eternal family.
1. We have the right to be happy.
2. We need to show respect.
3. No pushing, hitting or yelling (this rule is most likely going to be the hardest for me — the yelling part I am guilty of, most likely once a day).
4. We allow everyone to communicate.
5. We show the love of Heavenly Father to those in our home.
6. We respect our bodies.
7. We keep our promises and obligations.
8. We all contribute to our home being clean and efficient.
9. We share and honor each others time.

I really wanted to have one based on “mom is always right” but I refrained. I’m fairly sure that in the conseuqnce area we do have to have a ultamatem that the parents are the last decision on consequences. Has anyone else done this? Effective?

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    We haven’t written out our rules yet, but I think it’s a great idea…along with the consequences written so that there are simply no surprises. I did hear Dallin tell Ashton yesterday, “You’re NOT the boss, Ashton, Mommy is!”, so apparently the message is getting across! :)

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    Love the rules. All excellent. I am going to copy you on this FHE soon…

    As for consequences, I like the consequence to fit the infraction, the time period AND the child. So I’m not one for having automatic consequences. To me, this lets them say, “Hmmmmm….I think that I don’t care if I lose a day of TV, I’m still going to bread x rule.” Chloe does this a lot. You have to search high and low to find a consequence that she really cares enough about so that she will want to follow the rule next time.

    Bria is easier in this regard, but whenever I tell her, “If you don’t do ________ you will lose a privilege.” She always wants to know which privilige she will lose to see if it’s worth it or not.

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