For the Love of Thursdays

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I’ve been in a “blech” mood the past while, and being that it’s my “blech” Thursday I figured I needed a bit of a pick-me-up post. Anyway, I wanted to post about some things I’m particularly happy about today.
1. The people at my produce store know me. It’s basically like a healthy cheers. I come-in, they all say hellow to me and S. There are 2 reasons to be happy about this. First off, it’s nice to have been in a place long enough to have that feeling, and also it’s nice to be in the produce store so often. This particular store rocks.
2. Drew gave me the best gift ever last night. The gift of being alone. Remember all those nights in college where you thought you’d never have a Valentine for your special day. Well, I was SO glad to be alone, watch my Idol, catch-up on some DVR. Feel the joy. The boys loved going to the basketball game with dad too.
3. Costco. I mean, this story just EATS my money, but don’t you love it? I do… {sigh}

Anyway, those are the things I’ve thought-of so far… the day can only go up from here, right? Right? RIGHT?

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