The Good and the Bad

Good: I love a supermarket with great service. Today, I wanted a mix of chicken parts in approximately 1 pound packages…and they did it for me!!! My kids like drumsticks, and we like the thighs when we’re eating the cheap chicken. Savemart on El Camino — love them!
Bad: I am SO sore. I did a stability ball workout for the first time yesterday. My core is fairly bitter at me. I am hoping something shows-up in my measurements tomorrow!
Good: Turbo Tax. Hello refund. I thought we’d be paying a bit this year, but NICE… I’m all va-klempt talking about Mr. Turbo. I am truly in love today.
Bad: I can not just let turbo tax do the calculations. I feel like something must be off since our refund is more then I expected — so I have to go through page after page looking for mistakes. So far, so good — but I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak.
Good: Found cinnamon imperials at Save Mart today. I love to decorate sugar cookies with those little guys, could NOT find them anywhere.
Bad: You know when you’re feeling like you do EVERYTHING around the house, and involving the kids. Had one of those days yesterday, and believe me they’re rare. I should be way more grateful for Mr. D then I am.
might as well end on a good note: Oh, it’s scrapbook night at church tonight. My faithful blog readers are welcome to come! If you want the info email me! I need to get some packets together to bring with me, so I can hopefully do some pages.
ETA: One more bad thing. Memories in San Jose is closing their doors. I was there yesterday and everything is 40% off. They don’t have a lot of stuff as far as embellishments and patterneed paper. But I got a ton of cardstock for pretty dang cheap. They still have a TON of 12×12 and a fair amount of 8.5X11… so go quick if you want to go — but that’s the 3rd store to close here. First Scrapbook Dreams, then Picture Passion and then Memories.

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    I wish I could make myself make time to scrapbook. I am SOOOOO far behind. However, once I get the kids in bed, I am so mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted, that I want to just sit on the couch and veg!

    I’ve decided that I need to work harder because I’m not getting sore after workouts and I want to. However, it comes back to the energy thing…I don’t have much!

    Before you know it, you will be a wafe of a Hilary!

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