I Love to See the Temple

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Ahh, how the temple clear’s one’s mind. Drew and I made a quick jaunt up to the temple yesterday, courtesy of one of our favorite babysitters. I will be so sad when she goes to college.
So, I went to the temple, really distraut about the whole weight-loss thing. The answer I recieved was to shut my yapper. I should workout for fitness, being able to care for my family and to be happy. That’s IT.
I read through the word of wisdom (basically, this is the LDS version of a health code, it’s what suggests that we not drink coffee or wine, etc.) again today. I was really impressed that meals need to center on fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and the meat/dairy will come along with it.
So, those are my thoughts. My yapper is official shut. :)
Of course, this leaves me in a quadry. Do I still measure and keep myself accountable? Or, do I just do it for myself. I think I’ll keep-up the accountability so far — until I start to get disappointed again, and then I’m leaving that one alone too.

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    I wish we lived near the temple (or closer anyway). That’s awesome you went this weekend. And the food thing is definitely tough. I’ve been going up and down and all around myself with weight this month and am trying to get back to measuring everything and writing it all down again. Sigh. I guess it’s definitely a lifelong process.

  2. says

    I think you should not measure yourself or weigh yourself for a while at least. I know if I even try to focus on weightloss like that I somehow obsess on the food I shouldn’t have anyway (I think is it human nature). So just go by faith and common sense and see what happens in a couple of months.

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