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I’m back.
I know all of you have wondered what on EARTH I’ve been doing?
Drew’s parents have been here and we’ve been showing them around the bay. It’s been fun.
Yesterday was San Fransisco. I doubt I’ll ever get everything done in that city that I want to do.
However, that is not what this blog entry has to do with.
It has to do with I think the split is growing between nice-ness and mean-ness.
This morning I was just craving some bagels and cream cheese. When I mean crave, I mean I felt as though I NEEEDed it. So, to Noah’s we went after our trip to the library. AND, apparently there was a guy FREAKING out that he’d ordered bagles with BUTTER on them and he did NOT get butter. When I mean freaking, I’m talking about FREAKING OUT. Plus, he was right there, eating — it’s not like he couldn’t have gotten up and asked them for his butter.
Oh no.
It was easier to freak out.
Now, I also feel like this world has a lot of VERY nice people in it. But, I think the divide between nice and not-so nice (we’ll call those people “meanies”) is growing. It just seems rare to find the person that is neither nice nor mean….
Perhaps it’s me — and I tend to black/white issues (instead of a gray area — this isn’t a race thing) and I think I do the same thing with people. So, I’m doing that with others attitude as well.
And now, I have realized that there is a sharp devide in our house between clean and not clean — and we would be in the not-clean arena at this time.

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  1. says

    This blog spurred a flashback. Do you remember when we lived in Provo and we went to some store and your car door tapped the guy next to us. And he jumped out and went down your throat. We were just standing there kind of shocked and you offered to pay for any damage (which there was none) and he just cranks out “you can’t afford it!” That guy was a Meanie!

  2. says

    I try very hard not to be a meanie, even when I feel like being one in my head.

    I think our society is starting to believe that we don’t have to have self control and that looking out for number one is the most important thing ever. And it breeds a lot of meanies. Who are VERY unhappy.

    Drew’s got an excellent marching band there…very impressive!

  3. Anonymous says

    I WAS wondering where you were. I’d forgotten your in-laws were coming to town. I feel the same way about SF–you can never get done what you wanted to, but you must go to Ghiradelli Square. I know what you mean about meanies. It’s sad that we live in a world where manners don’t seem to matter, where people feel they have to make a scene to get what they want.-C

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