Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I'm just so glad the weekend's over I can't stop smiling.

Spencer's birthday went well. You can even see my attempt at a cake turned-out pretty well!

I'm rather introspective lately. Not particularly happy with the way my life was going, in a definite funk late last week. While at church on Sunday I had a brain flash. I've been putting so much pressure on myself to lose weight. Honsetly, I'm truly a person who feels like I should be good at everything and most things should take little effort. I finally realized that losing weight, it's just not my thing. I mean, I have several things that I would consider "my thing" -- flute playing came really easy and natural to me, I didn't have to practice as long or as hard to get difficult passages down, and I enjoyed it -- and I guess it's taken me this long to realize that weight loss isn't one of my "gifts" and if it's something I really want, I am going to have to work at it.
So, I'm done with measuring, it's just getting me down. I'm gonna live a healthy lifestyle. I'm not going to work out so hard that I injure myself (which is what happened last week) and I'm gonna eat the right things.
End of story.
Please enjoy the fine pictures of the cake. :)


  1. Your making my hungry. You found some great candles there.

  2. Good attitude. :)

    The cake turned out awesome!!! Love it!

  3. Cute cake - and hippo birdie to Spencer!

  4. Such a great job Hilary!

  5. Your cake came out awesome and it looks like your son loved it! And I think your attitude is right on about the weight loss thing. We're not in a race with anyone to be physically perfect. What you said is what it's about - just living the healthy lifestyle.

  6. The cake looks really cute...I'm sure Spencer felt so special that it was all for him!

    Great attitude about weight loss. I had some "moments" this Sunday at church, too...like I should be less hard on myself and appreciate all I do well more. I think it is what the Lord would have us do.

  7. Miranda6:57 PM

    Fantastic job on the cake, I am sure that Spencer loved it.

  8. I think you will be a lot happier not measuring. And see the produce people know you and that says something so pat yourself on the back for that!

  9. oh and very cute cake!!


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