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I am really trying to get a full-on 72 hour kit going in our car. I am hoping to stow it under the back seat of the van. It’s not like anything else is going to go there.
Anyway, I bought some of those large ziplocs at Target, I am thinking I can fit at least 2 of those under the seat. I am thinking 1 for the 72 hour kit we’re putting togteher at church. It also includes medications, work gloves, a little flashlight, etc.
The other one needs to be for our other stuff. I’d like to put a change of clothes in there for each of this. Do you guys do this, do you think it’s going overboard?
What else do you guys have in your 72 hour kits in your cars? We have a hand-cranked radio/flashlight combo deal-i-o. It’s pretty fancy. I guess I’m just trying to balance the space issue with what’s really needed, and I wanted input from my sweet sista’s. :)

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    Ummmm….I don’t have a 72 hour kit in my car. I have a roadside emergency kit and a couple blankets. Does that count?

    We do have 72 hour kits in the house with a ton of stuff in them. Whistles, MRE’s, water, toiletries, flashlights, radio,…etc.

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    How funny I have been dong the same thing for us, Sunday London and I worked on our kits for the house and now I am working on the car and wondering what to put in it. I think I am just doing food, blankets and one change of clothing. Good luck.

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    Ours hang in the garage…ready to stick in the car if we need them or strap on our backs (they’re in backpacks) if we should need to be on foot for some strange reason! We’ve got all the food, change of clothes, flashlights/radio thing, first aid, water, whistles…pretty much what you’ve said. We put those “warm hands” packets in ours. No, I don’t think it’s overboard at all. Maybe stick copies of bank account numbers or other documents you’d want if you had to leave home…just an idea.

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    Having a baby throws our 72 hour preparations all out of whack. I was prepared, but not anymore! Oh well! I’ll start working on it!

    Good luck with your preps!

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    I have been working on ours too. I found a nice, complete list at:

    I have altered it to fit some our family/space needs. For instance I have a rope in one of the 4 packs (not all four). My plan is to put mine (with my clothes) in the family car and Trevor’s in his trunk. I’ll leave the kids in the garage ready to grab if we need them…but at least something is the car if something happens on the road. Good luck!

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    That’s good idea – something I never get around to doing. Thanks for the link. I now the red cross sells preparedness kits but I bet if you do it yourself it is cheaper.

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    Don’t you LOVE those big ziplock bags? I don’t think you’re going overboard.. good for you for being prepared! I have food, water, a blanket, a flashlight, and a first aid kit in the car.

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