Revisiting the Oscars

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Did anyone see Ellen’s show from Monday? It was a “behind the scenes at the Oscars” look, so I DVR’d it, and I watched it yesterday. I thought it was so sweet to see her crying at how overwhelming it was, and what a great experience it was, and how it fulfilled all her dreams. You so rarely see that kind of vulnerability in the big stars. It was nice.

Which brings me to my blog topic. Now, if your’e not LDS please, just stop reading. I have certain views and if you don’t agree with them I’m sorry… I’m apologizing in advance. There, are you happy? Anyway, I really like Ellen. I like her a lot. She’s clean, she’s very funny and she’s always VERY nice to the people on her show, I also appreciated when they were making up her monologue that people were tossing out some jokes that cast people in a less-then-favorable light and she immediately squashed those, I was really impressed by that. I also liked rosie’s show but something in her kinda bugged me. The fact that she was nowhere NEAR as clean when she did stand-up always bugged me, but Ellen seems to keep all of those facets in her life just as clean. However, she’s gay. She also started a movement, which I believe has lead to the fact that gays are as mainstream as they are today, which I am not OK with. Let’s face it, I am TIRED of seeing same-gender couples kissing on TV. It grosses me out, and it makes me want to turn the channel (for instance, I really like the show Brothers and Sisters, but DANG does that brother have to kiss THAT much? I’m fairly sure no one else on the show has kissed that much). I don’t believe that acting upon gay urges is OK. I’m just gonna let everyone know that. Being gay trashes most of the things which I hold dear, most of that being family — men and women coming together to have kids. GAY COUPLES CAN NOT HAVE KIDS, at least of their own bodily functions — and that’s a fact I would know because I am a medical professional. I do appreciate the fact that Ellen RARELY brings-up the fact that she’s gay on TV anymore. Rarely do you hear her talking about Portia, but you do hear her talking about her mom all the time. I think that is part of the reason I can like her so much.

Anyway, I have this dichotomy inside of me every time in my head I say, “gosh, I like her so much — she’s just so nice and clean” and inside I remember she doesn’t hold the same things dear as I do. HOWEVER, I am friends with plenty of people who drink, or smoke that I like a lot, I even have a few gay friends (and honestly, I just try not to think about that part of their lives). Somehow I don’t have to reverence that in my mind. And then comes the thought that I shouldn’t be judging Ellen. She can do whatever she wants. Tis true. She can. I’m not in ANY WAY saying that she is a better or worse person then I am. However, I do believe that a main part of her lifestyle is wrong.

Does anyone have a way to reconcile this in their brains?
I am sure that I will still continue to like her and all that jazz, but I often wonder if anyone else feels this way too?
ETA: I really appreciate Lara’s comment. I mean — there are several people I adore who I know had sex before they were married. I appreciate them as people, and what they do on their own time is their own business. Good call Lo. :)

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    Love the sinner, Hate the sin. I’m fairly sure Jesus likes Ellen a lot…in fact, he LOVES her. I think that you can love/like a person without condoning their lifestyle choices or their actions.

    SIL is lesbian, she is truly one of the kindest most generous people I know. Like you, I just try not to think about that part of her life. She’s fully aware of how I feel about homosexuality anyway, and she knows I still love her. So…yeah. Don’t really know where I was going with that, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

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    I also have some gay students that happen to be some of my favorite people. I personally think they are very very tender hearted people. And I love them, but not what they do. I also have listened to Jack R. Christianson’s CD on Healing the wounded soul and I think these people have very specific wounds that we don’t understand or see thus going contrary to God. But really can’t wait to see what is really happening on the other side.
    Please explain this to me, Heavenly Father. Love ya

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    Yeah good comments – I couldn’t add anymore wisdom than what has already been said. But I do agree with you on how much that is on tv but hey so is the whole topic of sex in general. I think the gay thing is a fad on tv – it gets ratings!

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    I ahve to agree with Laura – love the sinner, hate the sin. Someone is not a bad person because they are gay or smoke or whatever. Ellen, for example, seems like a great person with a great heart – being gay doesn’t change that, it’s just one small part of who she is. I have a few friends who are gay and I don’t see it as a problem at all (even one who is LDS, or was.) I will never pretend to know what their lives are like as a result of being gay.

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    How I reconcile it all in my mind is that we are ALL children of God, and he made us all different. And I just don’t let my mind think about someone else’s sex life, whether they are gay or straight. I don’t mind hearing about when a spouse or whatever does something nice for a straight person, so I like to hear about it in homosexual relationships, too. The biggest thing I think about is that these two people really love each other, and how they express that is their own business. I would LOVE to have a good explanation from Heavenly Father as to why he created these urges in people if they are so wrong, but since I’m not gay and (so far) none of my close family members are gay, I’m just not going to worry about it.

    Hope that made sense. I started to ramble… again. ūüėČ

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