Time to Let It Go

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You know when you hold a grudge for oh…., say 6 years? I am sad to say I have a couple. I mean, it’s not ruining my life, I rarely think of them. BUT, when they come-up in my mind I only have negative feelings towards them. It’s no good. And, the saddest part is these people didn’t really do anything to me. This particular person was in a place of trust in my heart and then broke the trust. Just haven’t gotten over it. And then one day you have a crazy dream about Rosie O’Donell and then suddenly they pop-up in the dream and you think to yourself. Man, I hold that person and Rosie on the same platform… that’s just sad.
So, it’s just time to let go.
I still have one grudge against one other person, and I’m not sure how long that one will hold. Hers is amazingly stupid, it’s a woman I used to work and we just didn’t get along. Honestly, when I think of this particular person I get chills still. I disliked her SO MUCH. However, that one hasn’t been 6 years. Perhaps it’s the 6 year mark…. Perhaps I can work on her next.
So, today I’m letting go. Perhaps in the spirit of Valentines, perhaps it was the yoga Zen mood I Was in today. Work-out #3 with Yoga and I’m starting to get the flow-through of some of the moves, although down dog is still particularly painful. One thing that helped today is sometimes I just sat there and watched them do some of the moves. Because my mat has to be turned sideway since my palatial house won’t particularly hold the mat the other way… anyway, it worked-out well. Hopefully next time I’ll do even better.
Watched some Surviving Motherhood. Last night it was on surviving the Clingy Child. I was so amazed by this. I think it’s something that we ALL go through. To see this mom go through the process, and then on her 3 week later chat realize that it’s a phase, you just have to get through it and love them the whole time.
Anyway, those are my random thoughts for the day. Do any of you have grudges that you let go of? What did you find happen? Were you translated? I sure hope so, because it would be nice not to have to sweep and mop my kitchen this afternoon.

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    Yeah, my mom says it’s a good idea to watch a new yoga routine once before you actually do it…it’ll be a lot easier.
    And then as you start learning the names of the poses you will have a better time doing it without watching first.

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    I hold a grudge agaisnt my mother. I don’t know how to put it behind me. But I wouldn’t want my own child to have one agaisnt me. So I should be putting it behind me. Thanks for the guilt trip.

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