Saturday, February 03, 2007

Weigh-in Saturday

Girls, I'm super depressed.
I didn't lose anything this week (yes, it's true I didn't gain ... but honestly, that's not making me feel any better). I may have lost 1/2 inch in combined measuring in all my parts, but measuring is so subjective I'm not particularly giving myself credit for 1/4 or less inch losses.
This is go back to bed and cry depressed.
It's also the kind that makes it super difficult to go work-out at 6 am depressed.
Did I mention I am still also sore? It's just SO sad to be sore, and fat. Very, very sad....
I do need to be more vigilant on my eating. I have way too many good friends and went out to eat a bit too much (for lunch) this week. I vow to be stronger next week (also, I doubt I'll have the time for that kind of galavanting).
Go team....


  1. Sorry I was part of the guily "going out to lunch" party but it was nice to see you and catch up in person.

  2. My vote is that it was the three times you went out to lunch this week.


    At least it was yummy.

  3. Miranda9:07 PM

    Hang in there babe, next time we do lunch I will make smoothies... :)


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