Weigh-in Saturday

Girls, I’m super depressed.
I didn’t lose anything this week (yes, it’s true I didn’t gain … but honestly, that’s not making me feel any better). I may have lost 1/2 inch in combined measuring in all my parts, but measuring is so subjective I’m not particularly giving myself credit for 1/4 or less inch losses.
This is go back to bed and cry depressed.
It’s also the kind that makes it super difficult to go work-out at 6 am depressed.
Did I mention I am still also sore? It’s just SO sad to be sore, and fat. Very, very sad….
I do need to be more vigilant on my eating. I have way too many good friends and went out to eat a bit too much (for lunch) this week. I vow to be stronger next week (also, I doubt I’ll have the time for that kind of galavanting).
Go team….

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