Saturday, February 10, 2007

Where oh WHERE has the TIME GONE

Happy HAPPY birthday to my big three year old boy! 3 years ago right now I was still suffering in labor. I'd already done so, cursing the fact that second children are supposed to be faster, cursing the fact that we were buying a 1/2 million dollar home, cursing the fact that I could still feel everything going on in and around the "baby exit area", and just WANTING IT TO BE OVER. I'd still have another 5 hours to wait.

Honestly, I should give my own mother a present every year on my birthday.

I can't believe he's three. The normal second child sydrome has most definately occured here. I know as moms we all step back every now and then and go "what the heck?". It all happens, whether we want it to or not.

So, I put my little baby to bed last night, his last night as a 2 year old and now he's reached the official big boy mark of 3.

Big things at three:

Spencer is SO excited to be able to play on the computer. I have an unofficial (yet, apparently quite official) rule that there's no computer games til' the kids are 3. Spencer is totally aware of this rule, and he's getting a lovely computer game set from Costco for his birthday. I'm fairly sure he's gonna flip his lid.

Spencer is starting to sound-out sounds. I know, none of you are going to believe me, and it's a slow process... anyway, to me he's a genius. :Spencer loves to play. He loves to have friends over and talk their little ears off. He's a big talker lately. He finds things funny, he likes to imitate things. That's right, he's 3.

He still sucks his thumb... over the body of his mother. We're trying... I get more and more worried about his little hard pallatte every day.

Spencer loves his TV time. I try and limit it to an hour on weekdays, but that doesn't keep him from acting out scenes from Jo Jo's circus, or Playhouse Disney.

Spencer is a big fan of me. He still wants to be held, kissed, hugged. He's a big fan of Drew too, but I do have to take a little pride in the fact that I'm a definite favorite.

Spencer, it's true I'm not exactly sure where our time has gone, but I know that you are the sweetest thing in my life. You're my little buddy, you make me laugh, you make me cry... and if you'd just go to bed easier... well, I'm sure you all understand that part (and yes, I am fairly sure he has the same shirt in his 2 year old picture as he has in his 3 year old picture... we're not expecting large changes at his 3 year old check-up on Monday).

Love you little guy. Here's to 100 more!


  1. so fun to see his photos as he has grown. Happy Birthday Spencer!

  2. Happy Birthday Spencer!
    Be nice to your mommy today:)

  3. Happy Birthday Spencer!!!!

    And, I sucked my thumb until first hard palate is fine and I have perfect teeth (no braces). No worries. :)

  4. Miranda6:24 PM

    Happy Birthday Spencer! I loved the pictures of him changing. They grow so quickly.

  5. aww Happy Birthday Spencer! Cute pictures. It is shocking huh to see how fast time has gone by!


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