Wednesday, March 21, 2007

After 2.5 hours of pushing

We have a little Logan.
Congrats Paul and Janna, thanks for letting me be there!


  1. Ana Z1:37 PM

    Okay Logan is just stunning! Seriously that kid is beautiful and I can't think of two people who deserve that angel more then Paul and Janna! And Hilary, as always, great pictures!

  2. miranda3:54 PM

    Beautiful pictures Hilary. Congrats Janna!

  3. Congrats Janna! I loved the pictures. Maybe I should fly you out to Texas when we have our next baby someday. That would be awesome.

  4. He is so beautiful! Great pics, Hil!

  5. Why do I always cry??? Beautiful pics. And Janna, I could not be more excited for you guys. Congrats and he is beautiful!

  6. So fun, cant wait to do it again. Janna looks like she did a great job and Paul looks like a proud dad. Fun pics.

  7. Eliza Turner9:09 AM

    Absolutely beautiful! Those first moments are priceless - I get all choked up thinking about it! Janna and Paul - congratulations on your new beautiful boy. Great job Hilary.


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