Monday, March 05, 2007


We bought some new flowers for the front yard. I apparently pruned our daisys a tad too much and they died. :)
Lucky you can't do that with kids. :)
I love to look at my front yard though. It's so fun to have that sort of instant gratification like that (esp. since Drew and the boys planted them). I wish I got that sort of gratification with working out. Perhaps that's why I like cleaning and organizing so much -- I mean, once you're done it looks great. I sweated for a good 45 minutes this morning and I look no different then when I started.
Anyway, back to the flowers. I love to go to Home Depot and check out all the colors and varieties. I believe I think of our front little patch as a small scrapbook page. I love lots of color and variety. I'm also hoping to put some new lights in to add some emphasis in that way too.
Sadly, I think I think of most things as a little scrapbook page. I also got some new little black frames to go on our wall above the piano. I love to put different sized frames, and different shapes. These are the pictures I picked to go in them... I'm hoping to put a new one in every month or so, just to keep our house a tad more current with our more recent photos. These are the ones I picked for the place of honor.

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  1. Good decisions. I especially love the one of your parents with the boys.


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