Catching Flies

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You know what amazes me, well — first off, it’s NOT David Blaine. He creeps me out. It’s people who think that just because they have a degree or a “title” that people will just respect them. We had an issue last night with a doctor who treated a patient like crap, and then they decided not to follow his advice and then he was VERY VERY mad. Mad at us, mad at her, mad at the whole world.
I was amazed as his gal. I mean, honestly while he and this patient were having this tug of wills the nurses were sitting around watching the fetal heart rate strip of a baby in distress. Wringing our hands, calling the hospital lawyers, calling our manager… we were basically just as powerless as that poor fetus.
I wondered how many times I do this myself. Are there times that my kids are the powerless ones when I am at odds with Drew, a friend or even myself?
It was also a good reminder that if you talk with anyone, be they 20 or 92 in a rational manner, relaying both the pros and the cons of the situation, treating them with respect, they will usually come to see their right decision, pushing aside personal issues. This woman was very concerned for her baby’s well-being until the doctor came in and pushed her around.
Outcome? All is well. Thankfully the mom made a good decision with the help of some good nurses. Just something to think about next time you’re trying to bait some flies. :)

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    Isn’t it true? I immediately want to do the exact opposite of what someone is rudely telling me to do. When people are nice and sweet I am much more inclined to listen with an open mind.

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    YEah – I agree with you here that bedside manner is soooo important for a doctor; but in terms of the respect issue, I DO think when someone has worked really really hard to become an MD they definitely deserve some respect (speaking from a family of multiple doctors). That’s why I respect your mad labor and delivery skills.

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