General Conference Ideas

I forgot to mention the stuff that I have found in past years. is GREAT — for conference or otherwise (SUPERUB to print-out worksheets for summer learning and the like — you do have to register to get to some of the stuff, but registration is free). I tend to mix 1/2 of this and 1/2 of church stuff for Conner’s packet.
When I googled General Conference Games I found this page. That one had some fun links. I esp. like stuff that matches general authorities and stuff like that, since that’s who they’re seeing on TV And at least they can relate on some level.
I do appreciate that they’ve started showing more pictures during conference and sometimes videos. It definitely peaks the kiddos interest.

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    I love trying to have something, at least for Abi, to keep her interested in Conference. I’ll have to check that web site out. Thanks!

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