Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I was just on Surviving Motherhood

No, it wasn't actually me... but it was me. She was up early to exercise, had her family on a strict schedule, she'd freak-out if she got off of it, obsessed with cleaning (I was just considering doing a blog entry on how much I love my labler, and how great my medicine closet looks now)....
I mean, honestly peeps...
I mean, on the surface it's great. She treats motherhood as her JOB. I feel the same way, and I appreciate women who feel that way instead of something they just do to get the kids old enough to go to Kindergarten....
Her problem was that she didn't feel like she could spend enough time with her kids.
I feel the same thing. I mean, I do try and schedule in time for them. I'm trying to stress that more to myself. At 11:00 I should be able to play with S, and at 4:00 I should be able to play with both of them... but I find myself cleaning or colapsed some days instead....
Does anyone else have this problem?

Am I freak? (don't answer that.)

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  1. Okay. I won't answer that....

    I think it is very easy to get caught up in the mundane. To be obsessed with it, even. I find myself that way and freaking out very often.

    But...then there's the important stuff. I often wonder why I freak out so much if my kids' rooms are a mess...after all, I bought them all these toys so that they could learn while playing. And they're doing that. So, I should just calm down and let a little mess happen.

    But then I might go crazy. It's hard.


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