Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Internet World

You know, the internet is a fickle friend.
I've been fairly internet-savy for a few years and it's hard.
You don't see facial expression when these people type, you don't actually know them.
I mean, you FEEL like you know them, you read their blog, you have chatted on message boards, but you don't KNOW them.
Anyway, it's amazing how people get things mis-contstrued or freak out over the littlest things, all from the intra-net. :) It's hard not to, it's happened to me a few times. I take an IM as one way, and the person meant it an entirely different way.
Thank you Al Gore. :)


  1. And, even face to face we get it wrong...because it's just really hard to read minds.


  2. I agree with this blog Hilary! And also, it has made it easy for people to discipline you! They don't have to treat you with respect because you ARE faceless. Just like road rage!
    Good observation of it's drawbacks.


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