It’s that Time of Year Again

It’s time to make a “fun” packet for the kiddos for Conference.
Sad news, Spencer is also old enough for a fun packet, so I get to make TWO!!!!
My mom called me with the information that the herald had some conference stuff for kids in their last issue… but it’s not online, at least that I can find.
Do any of you guys have resources of places to find little games for them to do during conferece? I usually do some worksheets at their age level, some fun stuff, church wordfinds — that sort of thing. We already do general conference Bingo….
Peeps, I need ideas.

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    I cut out the arrow and wheel in April’s Friend and laminated it to let them find the speaker…mostly geared for older kids though. Mine will just like spinning the wheel. I’ll be eager to check back and see what other ideas people have!