Let’s watch Pee pee…

So, today is a SIP day, I’m not sure what that stands for… although I do think the anacynom should be TGTSMKBP — teachers go to stupid meetings, kids bug parents…. anyway, Conner was home today. We had a lot on our agenda. First a little blod test for myself, just checking to see if my thyroid or insulin resistance are the issues with my non-weight loss. Then, it was home to eat breakfast, and then off on some errands, including a trip to the library, and then to the park for some festive spring fun. While we were at the library we got a couple of videos, Swiss Family Robinson and Pipi Longstocking — neither of which my children were remotely excited to watch.
When Spencer woke-up from his naps and Conner begrudgingly said we could watch pee-pee… at least that broke the ice that it might be sorta fun…. at least better then watching pee.
In the end the liked it. Did you guys watch these movies growing-up? I want to get the first pipi movie — I LOVED them…. not sure why now that I watched this one today, but they are a good movie about children’s imagination.
And tonight it’s off to Drew’ concert. Please say a little prayer for us.
I want to make this bag… somethin’ fierce….
(somehow links aren’t working for me)
Has anyone made it — too hard? I wish I was Carly. :)

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    Ha Ha – my older son Timmy LOVES Swiss Family – my inlaws turned him onto it. He has watched it so many times at their house and then he brings it home and we take it back. It is funny to watch because it was filmed in late 60’s or 70’s right?

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