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You know how sometimes you buy this, and you think — THIS is going to change my life! Well, I’ve had two of those this weekend, just wanted to share my joy.

First, off my new purse. I found it at Ross for 14.99. I have been BE-MOANING the fact that I still have a diaper bag. Spencer is completely potty trained (as complete as a 3 year old can be — I still need another pair of undies in my bag, but no more diapers that’s for sure). I had an Eddie Bauer small diaper bag that I’ve had for about 6 years and the velcro is dying. when I have to bend down and pick something up my keys fall out… anyway, it was far time for me to grow, up so I got this little beaut. However, this guy means more then just a new purse. It means I’m out of babyhood. Spencer’s 3, it shoudln’t be a shock. I thought I’d be back IN babyhood by now, but that’s not happening, and I’m fine with it. I mean, BOTH of my kids can almost get dressed ALL by themselves! Spencer, in fact, can do everything but pull his socks on, and I think that’s going to be our goal for April (March’s goal was getting our shirt on by ourselves). Anyway, this purse has 3 pockets (not the uni-pocket that I dread so much). One is for extra undies, a little burp cloth (because you never know what kind of crap you’re gonna have to clean-up), a toy car, and some wipes — and the other 2 pockets for ME… yipeee!!!! Anyway, feel the joy. I also have fruit snacks in one of the other pockets (don’t tell the kids), which are most decidely not for me — but you never know. :) This means I can live life a little more for me, and a little less for them. Only a little, but each step counts. :)

The other purchase, a water pump for our 55 gallon thing of water. Why on earth would a person want 55 gallons of water in their backyard? We’re big into water storage. I have another 24 gallons of sealed water in our garage. Anyway, up until now, when I wanted to change out the water I had to take a running start and push the barrel over and pray that it didn’t flood our house. My friend Eliza got me a pump for it, it goes ALL the way down. NOW, I just put my little pump on down and feel the exceeding joy. I change the water every general conference, so I’m guessing you’ll have another post about my joy within the next couple of weeks. If you have one of those barrels and don’t have a pump… go get one.

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  1. says

    Love the purse. So exciting to not have a diaper bag anymore. I am already so done with the diaper bag…and I’m afraid I have a ways to go with it. :)

    I have a 55 gallon drum. I have a pump. I do not have water in it.

    Maybe I can get Joel to help me with that this coming weekend (General Conference).

  2. says

    Oh good, water storage. So I have 2 questions; first, is it true you need a gallon of water per person per day? That is a LOT of water. And second, if I buy water from the store in gallons how long does it stay good? Just wondering if you know this stuff since you’re “big into water storage.”


  3. says

    Muy, muy cute purse…love it and am SO happy for you to ditch the diaper bag!

    Where do you buy the water pump? I store sealed water but still need to find where to buy the big drums around here. Do you treat the water in your barrel? Share your expertise…maybe it’s own special post for those of us less educated???

  4. says

    CUTE BAG! Are those studs on the bag?? Anyway I like the touch. Yes it is kind of sad to loose the Mommy bag but fun at the same time.

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