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The garden is planted. I still want to do some sort of a pot by my door… but the rest is in the earth. As far as the plants which we will someday consume we have strawberries, tomatoes (3 different kinds) beans, corn, zuchinni, cucumbers, peas raspberries, cilantro and a green pepper plant. Of course, a giant dirt clod trampled my little green pepper plant. I hope he makes it through it.
However, I hate gardening. I HATE it. I itch while I’m out there, my hands still itch now as I’m typing this. The kids were spraying me with some sort of water (most likely standing with mosquito eggs that will someday sprout under my skin) and then getting them to come-in when I’m all done… well, let’s just say I’d rather itch.
Why do I do it?
Good question.
Well, I do like giving away the fruits and vegetables of our neighbors to friends and family.
I do like the way it looks.
I like eating fresh fruist and vegetables and the fact that we don’t have to “pay” for them (and yes, mom I am FULLY aware that I am paying WAY more in sweat equity then I’ll ever get in produce).
I like showing my kids that when you put the work in you get something out of it, but you have to be diligent.
Well, frankly none of these excuses are making the itchy me feel any better right now.
So, I will do a shout-out to my brother and sister in law who share birthdays within one day of each other. HAPPY BIRTHDAY J and K!!!! Miss you guys!
They’re coming this summer, and for their birthday present they can each pick a vegetable out of my garden. :)

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  1. says

    You go Mrs. Green Thumb! You hate it now because this is the part you dread…all the work! Don’t worry you’ll be smiling pretty when you have your piles and piles of tomatos!

  2. says

    I would so be itching too, but I have to wear gloves at all times when it comes to gardening. I hear you though when it comes to allergies. I hope I can do as much stuff as you do. You’ll have to e-mail me some of your gardening secrets. Hopefully they can work in the Texas area.

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