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Just finished watching the morning session of Conference.
I love Conference Weekend. I know the real reason that I love conference so, is because I get to watch it in my jammies. I made cinnamon rolls and smoothies this morning to increase our spiritual absorption :).
However, as I was watching the last few minutes, the choir sang “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” It’s arranged by Mac Wilburg, whom I’ve loved since I went to music camp my junior year of high school (please keep all your geek comments to yourself). I LOVE this arrangement. There’s a middle sectiont that has a very heavy base line which always gives me chills. I also truly appreciate the lyircs.
Prone to wander,
Lord, I feel it,
Prone to leave the God I love;
Here’s my heart,
O take and seal it,
Seal it for Thy courts above.

I love those lines, because I think it’s a universal theme. There are times in my life where things go so well, I am folowing the counsel of the brethren, as well as really searching out what my Heavenly Father wants from me — and I fear those times I know I’ll go back to schleping my way through the gospel. I’d love to take my “perfect” heart at those times when I am truly searching His will… bottle it, seal it… and store it.

Anyway, those are my comments for the morning session. I also really appreciated Elder Holland’s talk. I think I will, perhaps, frame it. I also enjoyed the talk on music in the church. I have seen many a musical number set to be a performance… if you know what I mean….

and I think you do.

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  1. says

    Great thoughts. I love that song too…ever since I sang it from manuscript under Mack’s baton at BYU. :)

    I only got to hear the last 20 minutes of the morning session while driving back from St.George…sad to miss the talk on music, and Elder Bednar.

    Also, the reception I was getting was so awful it ruined Come, thou Fount and I had to turn it off.

  2. EK says

    I adore that song. Wasn’t it a gorgeous arrangement?? (By the way your little april showers song is cracking me up! Taking me back to my childhood, watching Bambi!!)

  3. Anonymous says

    I love that song too, my family has sung it for mission farewells (when such things existed) or homecomings. My brother sang in Men’s Chorus with Mac as his director and that’s when we first fell in love with the arrangement. I also care a great deal for watching conference at home. We had fam over for brunch between sessions Sunday and had good times.

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