Friday, March 16, 2007

My PSA to Minivan Owners

Hey you out there, yeah, you with the minivan whose doors open at the click of your remote. I'm talkin' to YOU.
Our van apparently had dirty contacts, and that's all it was. I'd even taken my finger and wiped-off the contacts, but apparently they get dirty enough that you need to either use very fine grit sandpaper OR a pencil eraser to clean both parts of the contacts off. If you don't know where your contacts are (and I didn't) they're on the edge of the door, we have about 10 of them, and corresponding parts on the door and the frame of the car.
I hate taking our car in. And for something THAT dumb? I feel like a foo' :) To put it in Mr. T terms.


  1. Thanks for letting us know. We just got a van with automatic doors last month, and I never would have thought about cleaning the contacts. I hope they didn't make you pay for them to tell you that. :P

  2. All those little circles? Well I will keep that in mind.

    See? I helped you with my little minivan crisis, and now you have helped me with yours. Consider it well worth it. :)


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