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Costco has the Rogers and Hammerstein set for about 37 with tax right now. I think it’s usually 43.99 with them, but there’s a 10 dollar coupon right now. RUN out and buy it. :) It comes with Carousel, State Fair, the King and I, Okahoma, South Pacific and the Sound of Music. Plus, each movie comes with 2 dvd’s including a bunch of fancy extras. Have I already talked about this on the blog?
Anywho… we watched Oklahoma last night. I was transported back to high school. I think it was my junior year and I played in the pit. Now, let’s just say I LOVE pit orchestra, I loved having every line memorized, singing along with them in my head (no one would want me to do it outloud) knowing exactly when someone messed-up, I loved accompanying people on those amazing songs, it was a fav of mine. It didn’t hurt that one of my favorite conductors was the conductor. Mr. Larsen, honestly — is there a nicer man out there ANYWHERE? Loved him. Anyway, it’s amazing how old movies translate into today. there’s a girl, who has the choice between the bad boy and the good boy. She doesn’t turn down the bad boy and it all ends-up being a mess for her AND the good boy. On the way she apparently takes drugs resulting in one of the weirdest scenes in movie history (is anyone else there with me on that one?). I’m excited to watch all of them, and share them with our family. I’m not that well aquainted with State Fair or Carousel, but it will be fun regardless.
Let’s see… what else is on my plate today? Well, I’m glad you asked!
1. I have GOT to spray for crab grass today!!! I am fairly sure it’s already germinated and I’m already too late but DANG spring creeps up on a girl! It’s supposed to be 84 here today. I’ve turned off my heater… the short sleeve shirts are out. IT’s times like this when I remember WHY my mortgage payment is so high. :)
2. Back to horticulture, we planted tomatoes, peas and a raspberry bush (currently, a raspberry stick) last week. Very excited to see those things make us some food.
3. Our van’s door wasn’t opening yesterday, or this AM — called and made an appt with the people and then it MAGICALLY starts working. Seriously, Satan GET OUT OF MY WAY. He bugs.
4. We need to trim the big tree in the back. Does anyone have a tree trimmer that they adore (that’s local, obviously).
5. Gonna scrap. Serious scrap. I want to get our movie from last year done and I can’t do that til’ all the scrap pages are done.
Go team.

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  1. says

    I think you will love Carousel. One of my fave musicals ever. But, i don’t know a thing about State Fair.

    I’m with you on the scrapping. I promise to do it today. Keep me honest, please. :)

  2. candice says

    That’s funny. I was going to say Carousel BAD! State Fair good. But I guess someone besides me likes it so….maybe it’s not as bad as I remember it being. Love State Fair though.
    And if I am remembering right my Mark was in that production of Oklahoma. But he was just a little freshman then.

  3. says

    I have never seen any of them, seriously. I guess I should expand my horizons a little. As far as planting I wanted to but thought it was too early but we have all of our pots ready and cultivated.

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