The Sad Costco News

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You may have heard by now, but let me the sad news-bearer… Costco no longer takes returns on everything, forever. It’s so sad. It still takes returns on everything except for computers, MP3 players, cameras and TV’s… I believe.
The saddest part, Drew’s MP3 player (just over 4 months old) broke yesterday.
SERIOUSLY, the man needs one… and we can just NOT find one that will last. His other one probably only lasted 18 months.
True that he gives heavy use to it, the man’s a music teacher….
Anyway, we were able to return the broken one, and he will probably re-order a new one this afternoon from costco. They still allow returns for up to 90 days… but {sigh}….
Those were good times back then… I miss them already.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    Oh no, I was just telling Matt the other day that we could take back our sucky printer that doesn’t feed paper to Costco (it is a year old and has never worked right). Darn!

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