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You know, there’s no reason to have gone to nursing school if you can’t throw around fancy words like that. :)

First off, I found a new workout that I wanted to share. Lifetime had the astounding vision to not show Denise Austin for a whole hour every single day, the first 1/2 hour is still Denise and the 2nd half hour is called My Workout. It has the “trainers to the stars” that do a 17 minute workout with you and then there’s a cooldown with Yoga. I’ve decided that the 1 hour workouts are starting to kill me (sorry Deni) — I’m just SO tired doing those every other day plus a long walk on Fridays. I’m still going to try and do the 1 hour once a week (and no, it won’t be Yoga — I am hoping that the small little bits I get on myworkout will slowly bring me into the Yoga world) and then do 1/2 of a Denise Austin plus the myworkout — which will probably around 45 minutes. I was REALLY sweaty this AM — which seems to put me in a good mood (go figure).

Secondly, we had a little earthquake last night. I felt so glad that I am slowly building up those preparedness bags. I am hoping to start to fill them in FHE this coming month. Having the kids pick-out some of their uglier clothes to put in there… and hopefully rotate them every general conference from them out so that we have clothes that fit in there. I did get a calling card at Target the other day to put in there. Here’s a good link if anyone else is interested in building theirs. Please keep telling me suggestions you guys have, I am loving them. I think the thing that would get me is not planning for emergencies. I’d be SO mad at myself to be in a situation similar to what happened in New Orleans. I know that the people there are poor, and hardly can live day to day but I feel like they could’ve planned a bit better. I want to do that myself.

Last thing, had a GREAT trip to the grocery store today. Don’t you love it when TONS of people are helpful? I mean, just great. Got me some fresher scallops, cut a tri-tip roast into steaks and were so helpful. I’m going to get on their website right now and say thanks.

It’s a bright sunshiney day my friends. Oh yes it is.

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    Love the rotating every General Conference idea. Very smart. I am afraid that otherwise we’d have an emergency and the girls would have clothes that are like 10 sizes too small.

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    Oh Hilary, I’m just so glad you are finding something that works for you! Join us when you want to, I hope you know that! BTW, I love your comments, keep them coming! Deni

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