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Does anyone else feel like warrnties are getting so specific and so useless, you wonder why companies even offer them anymore?

We had to take our minivan in today. The passenger side door keeps not opening. I figure, it’s under warranty, let’s go get it checked-out (sometimes it will open, but now — more often then not it won’t open). So… we take it in. He tells us that if an actual part hasn’t failed we have to pay the diagnostic. Well, SOMETHING has failed — it won’t open. but I guess this is part of life.

However, the more I learn about warranties I just think they’re a load of crock.

Does anyone else feel that way? Has anyone ever had warranty service that they thought was amazing? Costco, up until now, would’ve been my thought for that. I love how could take stuff back with no questions asked.

I am fairly certain that no longer is the customer always right.

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  1. Eliza says

    I’ve only had to take my car in once for a warranty item and I was surprised how easy it was… other than that I don’t think I have taken anybody up a product warranty.

    However, when I was a Mary Kay consultant I was surprised by how many people did bring product back to me and every time MK refunded or exchanged the product without any hassle. So that is my example of warranty service that is amazing.

  2. says

    Yes….MK was amazing. Their skincare system made me break out and they took it back no question.

    Also, Tupperware. They have a lifetime warranty. And I went to a party a couple years ago and my mom asked me to take back a bowl she got like before I was even born because it cracked. They totally replaced it (with the modern version). I think the warranty was voided if you put it in the bottom rack of your dishwasher or on top of your stove.

    I’ve never really had to take advantage of warranties too often.

    Hope your van door has a part that failed. :)

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