Thursday, March 22, 2007

The World is Buggin' Me

Alright, 2 things are bugging me tonight -- well 2 things and the status of our drawers in the playroom. However, I am fixing the playroom drawers, I do feel the need to vent on 2 other items.
#1: The Edwards family. This family understands tragedy. They understand cancer and the only REASON I can figure for him not dropping out of the race is that he cares more about being president then her. In all reality I want a president who cares about families being home when their loved ones are sick. Will he promote a family leave act when he can't even leave his run for presidency for that. I don't know -- I mean, I understand that they both think he can change the world. But this is a definite negative for him, at least for me. Wich, is sad since he's the only Democratic candidate I can stomach.
#2: All the freaking smoking on America's Next Top Model. They go on and on about how bad eating disorders are, but GUESS WHAT -- Smoking is an eating disorder too!!! It is also extremely bad for your health (Tyra may have missed that though, in all her illustriative schooling). Now, I mainly watch the show to see how they tell them to tilt their heads to get catchlights and stuff like that -- but it was driving me INSANE last night. And, how fair is it to make other girls live in the same house where a bunch of them are smoking. I even emailed the CW network. I'd like to see next season smoke-free!


  1. Don't forget smoking is also terrible for you skin. Annnnd if your a model your skin could be important to you. Then again they probably just depend on airbrushing.

  2. Oh, I love that show! The best part is watching and seeing the results of the photoshoot though! I agree that there is way too much smoking going on, but maybe that is why they are all so skinny. Too bad they will have nasty lips wrinkles in a few years, not to mention a long list of others problems.


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