Thursday, April 12, 2007

Back on the Wagon Again...

I haven't counted calories since.... well, since Sunday I do believe. The past few days have just been too busy to go online after every meal and chart what I've eaten. However, I really tried to keep track a bit in my head (funeral potatoes, I'm fairly sure, put me right over the edge).... I think that times like this is when weight watchers might come in handy. It seems easier for people to figure-out how many points different items are... but I think it's all about eating right and eating in moderation and I'm going to keep trying to do that, even while in UT with Brick Oven just blocks away.
On a brighter note, I think a visit to Roberts might be in store this week. As many of you might know, all but one of the local scrapbook stores have closed in our area, so I'm ready to take a few goodies home. Not too much, since I find myself pretty-well into cardstock and patterned paper, but I'm a girl who likes an embellishment every now and then too. :)


  1. I wonder if there's a recipe for fat free funeral potatoes.

    Besides, I prefer not to call them that...since we have them every big holiday we can. They are Holiday potatoes.

  2. Yea, we just had those potatoes at Easter and someone kept saying, "Don't call them that...somebody doesn't have to die in order to eat them!!" Mmmmm, they sure are good, though!

    I also live in a scrapbook-store-drought area....jealous of your Robert's trip this week...cuz I LOVE embellishments!

  3. Sorry to hear about your Grandma. Mom told me today. However, I'm glad to hear about your trip to UT? Are you planning on making a quick stop our direction?

    Good luck with the counting thing. You are a much better woman than I. And yes...LOOOOOVE funeral potatoes (or whatever you want to call them!)

  4. Roberts?!!! Take me with you, pleaseeeeeeeeee! My mom lives about 5 minutes from the AF one and I LOVE Roberts!


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