Dialogue on Modesty

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Well, that last post on fashion brings me to something I’ve thought about for a while, but didn’t brooch it on that last topic.
What is modesty (in clothing — not the “oh, I am not the best scrapbooker int he whole world” type of modesty)?
I helped a few s out at church try to find some modest dresses. We even went to some places run by the church and MAN these dresses were TIGHT. I’m not talking tailored, or form-fitting but I’m talking TIGHT. Like, the dress looked like it was for a barbie when it came in the mail and then stretched to fit a 16 year old… and yet these dresses were being sold on a site that proclaimed they were modest.
I think that’s what gets me most about the whole shade phenomenon. I do agree with LAra that if the shirt isnt’ super tight, then wear it with pride — but MAN, I saw SO many s who got the shade size you’d normally wear under a sweater (and mine are tight, dont’ get me wrong — I have enough bulges not to want extra bulges from a too-big undershirt) out in public. And they think they’re being modest.
To me, I think it’s just the same as wearing a halter top or a tank top. Sure, your garments aren’t flopping around in the outer-world, but…. does anyone get me here?
Why can’t modest be good tailoring, good fabric that doesn’t cling and hangs well. Why has modest suddenly taken the “G’s are covered and that’s all that matters” turn?

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  1. Anonymous says

    I’m totally with you on the modest dress issue. I grew up in a very conservative church, and the idea of dressing immodestly never even entered my mind. Granted, I was always self-conscious about my body anyway, but still–I wouldn’t have done it! Now, it seems that even the “good girls” wear stuff that is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too revealing for my taste. It worries me, too, because I have little girls who will be teens way before I want them to be. Sigh. What’s a mom to do?


  2. says

    Just be glad you don’t have 3 daughters. I’m already really struggling to find clothes for Bria. And she’s only 6! It’s tough.

  3. says

    I’m with you on this one Hilary. Covered and modest are two different things. If you can see your ribs or your nipples (hee hee) through your shirt – it is tooooooo tight! But you know what – I think everyone knows whether their attire is modest or not. So it’s less about ignorance and more about bad choices. What do you think?

  4. Anonymous says

    I know that you worry about your girls and modesty, but I have 2 teanage sons, and I worry about them having to see this ALL the time. How hard is it to keep clean thoughts anyway at this age, only to be inudated with cleavage (and more) everywhere. I also have 4 daughters so I am sensitive to both sides of the issue. I still think it is harder for the boys in the end. Thanks for the topic.

  5. says

    I could not agree more with what you said. It is interesting how the term “modest” seems to change according to fashion changing, you know? Thanks for your post, it really makes you think.

  6. says

    I completely agree! The only time I think clothing should be skin tight is when it’s a bathing suit – and personally even that makes me squirm when it’s on me. It seems like a heard a talk on this recently either in the Ensign or conference or somewhere and the tightness of clothing was specifically mentioned. Wish I could find it – cause I agree there is a difference between being covered and modest. You can wear neck to toe clothing and still be immodest if every hill and valley is there in detail for all to see because the fabric is molded to the body.

  7. says

    I don’t understand why women are so obsessed with what other women wear. If women are comfortable wearing tight shirts/clothing, why does it bother you? A woman’s body is a beautiful thing and is not meant to be covered up. Showing your shoulders and decolletage is beautiful, not sinful.

    Women covered themselves from head to toe in the 18th and 19th Century. They also weren’t allowed to vote. Is this a time you would like to revisit?

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