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Alright, so there’s some stuff in this world that’s really been buggin’ me, thought I’d share a little fashion adivice with my loyal readers.

1. Some things were not meant to be be-dazzled, for instance crosses on your shirt. I am sure that nothing gives the Savior of all mankind more warm fuzzies then seeing his place of death emblazened in a sparkly way on some woman’s chest. Saw this just tonight, btw — super classy.
2. Shade shirts were not meant to be worn as shirts. Just like a wife-beater, these items are under shirts. And, by undershirts, we mean that they go UNDER things. I was aGHAST in Utah when i saw LOTS of girls and women wearing these shirts, proudly parading their nipples through the city streets since a thick bra was also too hard for them to wear. I get shades, I get how great they are when a top is too low, or doesn’t cover your butt crack. They are an UNDERSHIRT.
3. Bras are meant to be hidden. This includes their straps. Since WHEN did it become FINE to wear a bra and have your straps showing out your tank top? Now, I have shown a bra strap or two in my time, most of it I blame on my kids. It wasn’t meant to be that way, and I was thoroughly embarassed when I saw it. Just tonight (btw, Sweet Tomatoes is a great place to go and get aggrivated about fashion) I saw 6 girls who had tank tops on with bra straps totally not covered, coudln’t have been covered… I guess I should just be glad they HAD a bra on….
but, I digress — any other fashion misteps bugging you lately?

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    Amen sister! I’m with you ALL the way on these things. I’ve never seen the bedazzled cross myself but I laughed picturing it. But number 2 & 3 – I’ve seen way too many times!

  2. says

    Hmm…yes, my MIL even had the bedazzled cross shirt which totally baffled me. Joel asked her if she’d changed religions.

    Don’t totally agree on the Shade shirts. They actually make a bunch of them that are intended to be worn as tshirts. They aren’t as flimsy material. But, the ones that are undershirts should not be seen like that. :)

  3. says

    I am catching up on your blog BTW. :-) Love your comments. I never knew those “tissue” shirts were called shade shirts. Don’t really get those but I guess I don’t own any shirts that I wear two or more together. The bra strap thing is our generation where we were embarrassed if it showed. Now women purposely wear dark bras under light shirts so it shows and they even have interchangeable straps on your bra so you can coordinate them with your outfit. Weird!

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