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I love how I can still be pseudo-connected with my life while we're away.  I can check the weather at home, I can check my email, I can check some of my blogs (I've transferred a lot of my blog feeds to my home internet explorer from bloglines, thinking I was all cool — but I don't think I realized I can not remember any of those blog titles now…. I'll have to transfer them back).  I know that a lot of the people in my parents ward (did I mention their ward is a tad on the elderly-side) think that the internet is a sin to even think about (my grandma also being on one of those pages).  I love it.  I can't imagine what I did before it!  Isn't it amazing though, when you really think about it.  The fact that my mom still sees her grandkids grow-up via email and my blog, and the fact that I  can check weather from hundereds of miles away.
Anyway, bein' all philosophical on the internet today.  Thinking that today is a Brick Oven day….
Alright and as a post-script, I'd just like to mention that after writing this internet-loving entry, my parents computer wouldn't let me publish it — I had to send it in via email.

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  1. says

    Totally agree! For me the internet is how I talk to adults every day…like you for instance. It’s how I express my thoughts and frustrations, and also how I use my mind for more than cleaning and kid caring! This may sound a bit psycho, but I NEED the internet!

  2. says

    Back in college when my nerdy computer science roommates were into the internet I totally didn’t get it.

    After my mission it was more prevalent, but my parents still didn’t have it.

    Now it is a necessity.

    Strange how things change. :)

  3. says

    You know when my brother was killed in Dec I was glued to the net. It was my life link to what was going on with the search for his boat and body. I read the small town paper on line and look at the web cam of the beach. I’m headed to OR in a couple of weeks and I’ll know what the road conditions will be too.

    Without the net I would have to come VT you at midnight. You’re the best to let me e-mail you.

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