Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Little Master-Class on Back-Button Focus

So, I love photography, I am doubting that's a shocker to any of my blog readers, but it's true.

I've heard of people's love for back button focus, that it's fairl un-natural but once you get used ot it it produces great, in-focus pictures.

I have figured out back-button focus.

First, a regular shot:

Nothing's particularly in focus, I didn't really get my focus on the car somehow -- anyway, just didn't work out.


I am guessing Mr. Little People Mechanic is wiping the drool of his chin checkin' out his new sweet ride. Anyway, it's some of the best focus I've ever gotten....
If you have questions about how to get it email me -- or google back button focus along with your camera #. I don't think that it neccessarily makes your focus any better, but it does separate the focus from the metering, which could help focus -- I think. :)
Anyway, clear as mud?
Even if these pictures aren't as amazing as I think they are --being that it's 10:10 in the evening and WAY past my bedtime, you should still go figure out how to do it.
Go.... :)


  1. Did you use the center focus point and recompose?

    You were smart to do it with unmoving objects at first. I learned with wiggly kiddos. And most of my issues with it were because they moved after I locked focus. But AI Servo worked well to solve that problem.

  2. We have the same car set for Tomas. He loves the Little Peoples.

    And now I have officially commented.

  3. I haven't checked your blog for a while. I love catching up on your life. You convey your life in such a fun way.

    ps. I had a dream that you told me that you were pregnant.


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