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My mom’s family has had their fare share of crap thrown at them through the years. I used to LOVE going to family parties — the family was just a lot of fun. Teasing, jokes, stuff like that. I always picked-out special outfits to wear (since I was the only girl for a fairly long time — my favorite aunt Ruth would always tell me how cute I was).

Now, that parties don’t seem to come as freely. It’s a bit o’ work to get everyone together, but I must admit we still have a pretty dang good time. HOWEVER, people seem to feel like they have to pull-off a gourmet meal, or have some big deali-o, but I think we have finally learned our lesson — that it’s the people and a bag of clearance M&M’s that make a party — not the fancy planning.

I think it’s that way with most parties. I have found that I love to get together with my girlfriends, but I have totally lost the pressure of feeling like I need to invite everyone and their dog (I can’t have a good time if there are too many people at a party — call me crazy), and I can have it potluck and people can bring bagel bites for all I care. :)

Anyway, just a little something I learned….

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    Let’s have a party! Your birthday is coming up next month!!! We could even celebrate Christmas at my house. YES! my tree is still up. I’m almost ready to put it away but just can’t yet. Remember everyday is Christmas.

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