Monday, April 23, 2007


I have a friend who's had some very bad things happen just lately in her life. Nothing un-recoverable from -- but just frustrating things that she wishes she didn't have to go through.
Then, I went to work on Saturday. It was a long day, full of crazy deliveries and we had one fetal demise... it really put things into perspective for me. No matter HOW bad things are, there's always someone who has it worse... my friends things are things she'll get over, but the death of a sweet-most-loved baby is something that ones heart aches for forever.
Then, I read someone's blog entry about how someone is trying to build a fund to help hospital workers deal with grieving parents. While I think this is a great cause, and i'm always willing to find more training I have always found it EXTREMELY interesting to see how people deal with the grief of a lost child. I've had teenagers who had secret relief that the baby was gone, more tears from the grandma then the mom. I've had moms wraught with guilt that it must be something THEY did. I've had people lash out in anger at us. We have almost had to call security. I'm sure the ER sees the same things every day, but I don't know how anyone could teach us how to deal with something that varies so much.
I'm fairly sure this blog doesn't make sense... just some thoughts that have been on my mind lately.

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  1. Totally true. Gotta be thankful for the greatness that we have.


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