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I’ve been looking at some of the old photos my parents have. I put a bunch of them in an album once as a mother’s day gift, and honestly I think it’s more a gift for me then my mom.
Anyway…. I treasure these photos. Espcially the candid ones that show our personality. Of course, it would be nice if I could find at least ONE professional photo of myself at some age, but the ones where me and my brother are fighting or pulling funny faces, these are the ones that truly make my laugh….
and what’s in my albums? Well, more like what’s it sound like when I’m taking a simple photo of my kids? “Conner, don’t smile like that, Spencer stop pulling your shirt up, Spencer get your thumb out of your mouth…” and the list goes on.
It just reminded me that I need to take photos of our family as they are. Sure, a set-up photo shoot every now adn then is nice, but I need more of the kids playing on the swingset, of the kids building legos, of the kids out on their bikes crashing into one another and screaming….
Well, you get the photo.
Sometimes I forget that the photos I take now will be the treasures later on, and I think I need to have that particular frame of mind as I look through my viewfinder.
And so do you. :)

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  1. says

    I love looking at my parents’ old photos as well. And it does remind me that the candid ones are so fun, or the ones with stuff in the background reminds of what was in our homes, etc.

  2. Anonymous says

    Some of my favorite ones are the not perfect shots of my family. I actually have them on my culletine board in my scrap room because they make me laugh. Ali Edwards is a good person to get ideas from on keeping it real! Kent

  3. says

    What has been fun for me is I have sent pictures of my kids when they were young to my mom through the years. Now she’s thinning things out and keeping her favorites and passing them back to me. My mom has passed on some pictures of me when I was little. That’s been fun too. My FOB didn’t see me grow up so when I was in OR last I brought some pictures so he can see what his missed out on.[45 years] Funny thing is my FOB’s ex girlfriend sent me a picture of the two of them in the early 70’s long hair and some leather. Pictures tell a big story many years later. You inspire me!

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