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I have a comment.
Well, some people have comments and can’t post.
My friend Sarah alerted me to this? Does anyone elese have a comment and can’t post — you can email me on the side — lemme know so I can see if anyone else has the problem….
Sarah IS a nurse, and we all know how inept nurses can be. :)

On a more interesting side-note, my friend Amie put this page on her blog:
You can put 12 eggs in an Easter Basket and each day the kids will open an egg and read something about Jesus’s last days.
I really like the idea, and heavens knows we have a LOT of eggs around this place. It’s going to have to be really simple this time, but I hope to make it cooler next year.
I even typed-out the scipture references and did them on lds.org — here’s the link if you’re interested (I am just hoping this will work, I’ve never done it).

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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  1. says

    Really love the idea of the egg basket.

    I saw on another blog to have an egg tree, and since Easter is the other Christ Centered holiday along with Christmas to make sure you have corresponding traditions…like the trees. This idea is good to go with an advent calendar.

    And I had a problem commenting on your blog the other day, but it was fixed a few hours later I think.

  2. says

    Great idea! We all need ideas on how to make Easter more Christ centered. But I still love coloring eggs and stuff so…this helps coordinate them. Thanks.

    BTW, I’ve been catching up on your past blogs and I have to say…DITTO!

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