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Alright, I have a secret, the boys and I flew to UT today… there, it’s out. But Drew’s still home so all you predators out there — you can go find faux laminate countertop somewhere else because my house is still occupied.
I am not a good flier. In fact, I probably suck at it… but this flight was AW-FUL. The stewardesses had just barely started gathering trash, made a quick round and then had to sit down because it was so bumpy. I don’t deal well with bumps.
Needless to say I was concerned that I hadn’t given Drew the life insurance talk about where it was, how I wanted him to re-marry, stuff like that. But, with a little positive self-talk about how I had to be the adult in this particular situation, I made it through. Thank you very much.
My grandma died on Saturday. That’s the reason for this little jaunt. It’s nice to be here in UT, but for the next few days it’s funeral central. Word on the street, I’m gonna go help dress the body tomorrow… probably good since I’m the only person she’s related to that has spent a fair amount of time around the dead (besides my profession I also had a date dance dinner in Walker Mortuary here in Provo). I am hoping this will be a positive experience for me and the boys.
Drew is at home feeling sorry for himself (but isn’t answering my calls… hmmm…..), so if anyone feels the urge to make extra dinner… don’t hold yourself back. :)

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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Interesting Thoughts on Funerals and Dressing the Dead
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  1. says

    I’m glad you made it there in one piece. I told you I wouldn’t tell you about the flight to my grandpa’s funeral, but it was more than just bumpy.

    I think that will be a special experience for you to help dress the body.

    And, is totally singing along with your April Showers. :)

  2. says

    So sorry to hear about your grandma. But I hope you have a nice time in Utah. Wish I was there too right now. And I hope your flight back is better. I’m not a fan of bumpy flights myself.

  3. says

    So sorry to hear about your grandma but I hope you have happy memeories of her and know you will see her again.

    Ugh – those UT flights I think can get extra bumpy. I have been on a few of those and they are NOT fun!

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