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Some of you might know that I worked as a hospice nurse for about 8 months before we moved to CA. I know, you’re shocked, you’re appalled — HILARY as a hospice nurse? Yes, that was me. I had 3 patients die on me. It was truly very sad. I was happy to come to CA and find a happier profession…. but they do have something in common… tell me when this is going to happen!!!!
In labor patients are constantly asking you when they’ll have the baby. As a nurse you pretty-much just waive them off becuase you really have no clue until a person is in active labor. You might have a guess (and do, give them my best guess, but I remind them that I am ALWAYS wrong) but it’s the baby and the woman that are in charge of that one.
In hospice you have the same question… when is it going to happen. Similar to a birth you have several things to plan after a death, possibly even more…. But, again death is even worse, there’s no way to know. The person can take an upturn, they can quickly take a downturn and none of that is anything you can expect. But, again — I’d give a “best guess” and go on with my assessment. I would also remind them ont to hinge anything in my poorly guessed guess. Because it was, after all, a guess. :)
A couple weeks ago I was on the laboring patient’s side wanting to know when, and now I’m on the hospice side wanting to know when. I’m praying for things for ALL the wrong reasons (most of which revolve around the fact that Drew has a band festival next Friday). My poor Grandma, she had a stroke over 2 years ago — the time is right… but that heart just keeps wanting to pump and forcing those lungs to get oxygen. It’s a fight to the bitter end for our bodies. Perosonally, I’d want that fight covered in fentanyl patches. I love you grandma. I just bought a little mini rose plant at the grocery store to remind me of you, I hope it thrives on my front porch.

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    It’s annoying not to be able to know. But, that’s probably as it should be.

    Great idea to get a rose plant to remind you of your grandmother.

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