Friday, April 27, 2007


I am on our church party comitee -- of course, since we're Mormon we have a better word for it then "church parties" -- it's called the Ward Activities Comitee, we called it WAC in college, and frankly it is wack. If you get my drift.
Tonight is our yearly adult dinner, where we beg people to get sitters early and come out to just spend a night with the adults. We didn't have a ton of people last year, and this year it was a shocker when we saw the sign-up lists, tons of people. Gossip chain says, however, that someone else in the ward has decided to throw a party tonight. Kind of thoughtless in my book, but I digress....
Anyway, we have a lot of people signed-up and I am anxious to see how many people are actually going to come. We are spending a fair amount on the dinner (not to mention MAKING the dinner), along with some activities and general festivity and fun. Last year we made people email us or talk to us, and this year we made it easy on them and passed around sign-up sheets.
Anyway, bringing me to the crux of my blog entry. I always find it amusing how many people say they're GOING to come, and then don't come, and don't bother to say they're not going to come. It basically make sign-up sheets completely useless. Of course, we do have those people wanting to come, and afraid to come since they didn't sign-up and of course we want everyone to come.... esp. since it's a church function.
In the end you find-out that all jobs in the church (which are stricktly on a volunteer status) are thankless dirty jobs, full of indecision and lack of grandeur.
But, then you feel all warm and fuzzy when you're done -- and realize that God's happy with the party, and he wished he could've come played your amazing creative party games with his peeps. Frankly, I wish he'd come too. It'd sure show up the other party. :)


  1. Yes, yes, yes. All true.

  2. Good luck tonight. That's all I'll say. :)

  3. We just had a primary activity today. Totally crazy as usual. I am so glad it's over. The kids always have a blast but us OC people have only a blast of high blood pressure.


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